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5 Reasons To Hire An Electrician For Electrical Repairs Instead Of Your Brother Mark

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For convenience sake, let's call your friend, relative, or otherwise (unlicensed) electrician stand-in Brother Mark. Now, Brother Mark may be convincing about his skill in electrical repairs, and it can be really tempting to save money with him instead of hiring a Columbus electrician. But, stop to think about this; Is the safety and well-being of your home and family really worth the risk?

Electricians everywhere, including ours at Safe Electric in Columbus, will tell you a big NO. But, why? Is it because we want to charge you for the electrical repairs you need instead? Is it because we don't want you to save money on simple outlet repairs or other repair jobs? No.

Here are the top 5 reasons we'll always advise you to hire a licensed and qualified Columbus electrician for your home's electrical repairs instead of Brother Mark.

Electricians Stay Up To Date On Code Compliance

You may ask, What does code compliance have to do with anything? Aren't the regulations and inspections just a pain in the tuckus with no real value other than to be an income source for the authorities? No. Let us explain why electricians stay up to date on the local and National Electrical Safety Codes by starting with why they exist.

Both national and local authorities set forth guidelines and regulations that detail the minimum standards of electrical safety in writing. They are put in place for the sake of every Columbus homeowner. With these regulations and their enforcement through inspections, all the electrical work in your home should be done right.

Electricians in Columbus are supposed to stay informed of any changes to the electrical safety codes. And trust us, the codes do often change. When an honest electrician does their work, they will make sure it is always done according to code.

The last thing any Columbus electrician wants is to be the cause of a house fire or electrical shock incident.

Let me ask you this, does Brother Mark know how to perform electrical repairs that are up to the current code standards? If he really thought about, he would tell you to hire a qualified and licensed electrician too. Here's one of the reasons he would.

Faulty Wiring, Bad Electrical Repairs & Bad Installations Can Cause House Fires

You know Brother Mark is a friend, or at least he's someone who cares about you and your family or else he wouldn't be offering to help out for free or cheap. In spite of all his best intentions, his electrical repairs could set your house on fire. Remember the electrical safety codes we talked about?

Faulty wiring is the leading cause of house fires in the United States. The age of the wiring, loose wiring, damaged wiring, and unsafe electrical repairs can all cause the wiring to fail. On top of house fires, consider the risk of death by electric shock.

What you need to know about all this is the fact that days, months, or even a couple of years later, Brother Mark could be the reason your house goes up in flames - long after he finished his electrical repairs and everything seemed to be working fine.

Good Electricians Don't Take Shortcuts

As fully trained Columbus electricians, we know better than to take shortcuts with your home's electrical system. If there is a certain part needed during an electrical repair, we make sure you get it installed. Are you absolutely sure Brother Mark wouldn't try to rig something up or take shortcuts if he doesn't have a part or tries to save time or money?

Those Expensive Electronics Could Be At Risk

We're willing to bet you put some hard-earned dollars toward household appliances, entertainment equipment, hand-held gadgets, and other electronic devices.

If you gathered up every electrical device, large or small, inside and outside your home that gets plugged in or is hardwired, how much would you figure you've invested through the years? Remember to includes your large appliances like your home's HVAC system, spa whirlpool tub, lighting, etc.

All of these assets are at risk if the electrical repairs are not handled correctly. You could be out many thousands of dollars if Brother Mark doesn't do the job right.

Electricians Know If Your Current Electrical Is Safe

When Columbus electricians like ours at Safe Electric provide electrical repair services, we always know whether or not your current electrical system is safe.

We know what to look for when testing and visually inspecting the wiring, components, and electrical service panel. If you need an upgrade, we make sure you understand that electrical repairs are not sufficient and that your system is not safe to use until the upgrades are performed.

You would not believe how many bad electrical repair jobs we've seen done by countless Brother Marks. If you need electrical repairs in Columbus, we hope you'll take our most sincere advice about calling in a qualified and licensed electrician for help - it is simply not worth the risk of letting Brother Mark help you out.

If you are looking for an electrician in Columbus, OH please call 614-267-4111, or complete our Online Request Form